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Boondoggle Goods - Westfalia Socks Sand



 These socks have little Vanagon Westfalias knit into them, in 3 different variations: air cooled, water cooled, and the 1986+ square headlight style. Wear'em wherever you'd like. 

They're made using quality combed cotton that's grown in the USA and knit by Americans getting paid a living wage.

75% cotton, 21% nylon, 4% lycra


About Boondoggle : 

"While we’re explorers at heart, we’re also creatives. We love art, music, photography and new ideas. Alicia had her own candle business, sells digital art prints, and is both a copywriter and graphic designer by trade. Danny’s a web designer, digital marketer, and is the founder of an eCommerce software company. 

And we’ve always been sock connoisseurs, so of course we went hunting for a pair with vans on them. When our search came up empty we thought why not just design our own. And voila, Boondoggle Goods was born!"

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